Nefertari Pup

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Meet the Nefertari Pups they’re cute little puppies. They’re made out of fun prints and wear a three colour striped collar. They stand about 12 inches tall and are totally unique making it a great gift.

Each pup is handmade and unique so measurements may vary. Various unique print pups. Black yarn eyes and nose. Perfect as a baby shower gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift or for home decor to add class and a pop of color to any bedroom or living room setting.

Please specify picture or colour in note if not doll will be selected at random

Handmade in Zimbabwe


Cover material: Cotton
Fill material: Polyester
Care instructions:
Machine washable in 30 degrees.
Hang to dry or use the low heat setting in your dryer.

Approx - Height: 30 cms Length: 30 cms ; Width: 15cms